I am going, to be honest here (Since that was the commitment I made). I haven't posted here in two months and yes while I did start this blog just very recently I, what one might call, wussed¬†out for a while. So that brings me to the obvious question: Why? If I am going, to … Continue reading Confession

Who am I?

One of the life's most challenging questions is who I am? Is it the people I love, the things I do, the opinions people have of me or the goals I have in my life? This question has always baffled me, and it wasn't long before I realized how dissociated I am with my own … Continue reading Who am I?

What made me finally want to change?

"Change is the only constant in life." A quote I wrote on my Highschool Inspirational section one chilly, rainy morning, years ago. And yet, it sometimes has felt almost impossible to change something. Like some realities are unshakable. Some of the common reasons people want to change are survival, circumstance, and self-growth. And yet, why … Continue reading What made me finally want to change?